This is a group primarily for local members and others interested in the Oita Chapter of JALT, the Japan Association for Language Teaching (a.k.a. 全国語学教育学会). JALT Oita typically holds its events on Saturday afternoons (i.e. the first Saturday of every even month) in Oita City, and occasionally in nearby Beppu. Our primary facility is Horuto Hall, next to Oita Station. Topics for JALT Oita events range from the theoretical, such as second language acquisition, to pedagogy, practical language teaching skill and activity seminars, and topics that appeal to the broader community such as bilingualism and cross cultural communication. If you are not a JALT member, but are interested in learning more about JALT, finding out more about upcoming events, or in becoming an Oita member, please contact us at jaltoita@gmail.com.

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